Privacy Policy

Your email address or any other contact information will not be shared with any third-party.
The Pixendr system may send automated email notifications for various important tools, these include but are not limited to major upgrades, scheduled service unavailability, or other important events with impact on service. These are individually opt-outable by contacting support.Pixendr claims no rights over your media content, does not represent any direct interest in selling your work and does not use your work for promotional purposes.
Pixendr does not sell personal data, statistics or other aggregations of your data to anyone though Pixendr data may be used anonymously in-aggregate with other external data to publish helpful and/or informative blog posts for public reference.
For distribution services to function, Pixendr requires that you store login credentials for various third-parties. For security reasons, they are stored only in your mobile device. For each upload session, they are submitted to backend using a secure connection, temporary stored in the queue and then permanently deleted.
Pixendr does not store user’s content on long term. The only storage performed is the necessary one to distribute the content to selected channels. This might take up to maximum 24 hours.
Whilst every effort is taken to ensure your data cannot be stolen or viewed/used even if it was, there can be no absolute guarantee of this. In the unlikely event of data being stolen from Pixendr you will be informed immediately to change your agency logins.