Is a mobile app worthy? Pros and cons

Many stock photography agency managers do not consider nowadays mobile apps as a viable source of valuable content for their business. In the past, that was a very understandable attitude; the quality of mobile cameras was below a decent expectation. The mobile photography landscape has dramatically changed lately and this is fortunately no longer true. Stunning image quality, big image size, raw formats are just a part of this rapidly evolving story. In fact, having mobile content has way more benefits than disadvantages. Let’s have a look on them…


  1. Building and maintaining a mobile app is too expensive comparing with benefits;
    • this was true before Pixendr offers the affordable solution
  2. the technical quality of images is lower;
    • true but not for all devices. You can actually restrict the use of the app only to new devices or operating systems
  3. the artistic quality of images is lower on mobile devices
    • is a photographer defined by his tools?
  4. users will submit too many useless images from their devices;
    • not anymore! automatic duplicate/similars detection and initial portfolio evaluation can prevent this to happen
  5. the upload process is too difficult on a mobile device;
    • with a state of the art UX, Pixendr way is easier than expected.
  6. users will abandon the app anyways;
    • periodically notifications will remind users to keep selling
  1. Boost your collections! The number of images you receive can explode.
  2. Stay in trends with what your customers are looking for. There is a good market for mobile images today.
  3. Make your contributors happy. Some of them are shooting mobile and upload via website
  4. Find new markets for sale and attract new customers
  5. Communicate easier with your contributors
  6. Keep your costs affordable. Yes at a fraction of hiring a developer you can have a fully functional software.
  7. Less work for reviewers using Artificial intelligence. Pictures containing logos, similar or duplicate images are easily rejected automatically.
  8. Benefit of an up-to-date piece of software at ridiculous prices
  9. Position your company in the trends and increase the value of your business
  10. Find and attract new contributors from mobile stores