Case study

A new microstock agency wanted to build a mobile app for their contributor side. Because they want an app for both platforms, they would need to hire at least 2 developers. To build the first version, they would need at least 3 months of development and at least one more month for research, sketching, design, prototyping, user testing, and bug fixing. If they don’t hire a Product manager with design skills, they need to do it themselves or call freelancers for that. Let’s check the costs:

Case 1: 4 Months
Everything in house with own forces

 10.000 €      UI/UX designer (4 M x 2500)
 16.000 €      developer Android (4 M x 4000)
 16.000 €      developer iOS (4 M x 4000)
 10.000 €      product manager (4 M x 2500)
52.000 €      TOTAL starting costs

13.000 €      Monthly costs

Case 2: 4 Months
Everything with freelancers

   1.200 €      UI/UX designer (4 M x 300)
   5.600 €      developer Android (4 M x 1400)
   5.600 €      developer iOS (4 M x 1400)
   1.200 €      PM, research, testing
10.400 €      TOTAL starting costs

  3.100 €      Monthly costs

Case 3: 3 weeks
Pixendr solution

 2.900 €      initial customization Android 
 2.900 €      initial customization iOS
         0 €      UI/UX design, PM, research,
                     user tests
 5.800 €      TOTAL starting costs

    699 €      Monthly costs

But it’s not always about the money. It’s also about a vision of the future, is about the experience in the field, it’s about flexibility and good cooperation. We think we got all of them:

  • We build mobile apps since 2013 with a focus on photography. It might not be a long time but in mobile this already a long time.
  • We’ve learned from our mistakes. We tested many ways of approaching contributor side of microstock. We are not perfect right now but we keep walking in the right direction. Join our journey!
  • As about the vision of the future, we are confident. We know what’s next and we are excited already about the product yet to come.