The rise of mobile stock photography

make_moneySerious photographers might find this trend absolutely ridiculous. Pictures made with a smartphone? Neeh! They are not proffesional, they have no quality, no manual control, no proper editing, no, no, no… And still, more and more agencies have now an app for smartphone. I just counted more than 20 apps released by stock agencies and their number keeps growing. Why? Is just the trend of going mobile and you’re not serious business unless you have an app? Or there is something more? If we watch the changes in buyers’ requests, you can quickly see that is more than a fancy temporary trend. More and more often, the briefs from advertising agencies and marketing departments come with requirements like “Natural, everyday moments captured in real light”, “We are looking for authentic, candid pictures”, “real people in their natural environment” and so on. In this quest for true moments that inspire the viewer and make you feel it, smartphones play now a more important role than ever. With their non-intrusive presence, permanent availability and decent quality, they are now a viable solution for shooting, editing and submitting stock photography. They won’t replace high quality photography. Is just the new style that makes his own way in the industry and it doesn’t look like a temporary trend. In conlusion: yes, is time to get your smartphone out of your pocket and shoot. To be sure get the maximum profit of your shots, signup to all Pixendr supported agencies, and submit to all of them with minimum effort!


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