How much do you earn from stock?

Many people are asking me to share an usually delicate subjet: how much do I earn from stock? I totally understand them. If it isn”t worth, why should they do it?
The answer is both easy and difficult. Yes, I earned almost $20.000 since April 2006. And no, you probably cannot have it as your primary job. You woldn’t earn enough to make a living unless you are ready to dedicate 8 hours/day. I wouldn’t say is not possible, it’s just very unlikely to be your case. From all my referrals at Shutterstock, there is only one that makes $2000/month. He is actually in a team with another guy and they share the revenue. There are some exceptions that reported astronomical incomes from stock. But they are exceptions. With a little bit of dedication, an inteligent mix of pictures and videos, smart tools and well selected agencies you can easily earn somewhere between $200-$1000 / month spending 2 hours a day shooting, edititng and submitting content.
It’s not enough for a primary job but it’s perfect as a side project and extra money for new equipment and so on. The good news? You don’t have to be a pro or to buy expensive equipment. Today, a smartphone is all you need to get started. In a survey conducted every year by 812 respondents have reported their yearly incomes from microstock.
Question: How much money did you gross from microstock last year (2013)?
Average microstock income: $16,168
Median income: $3,000
Minimum: $0,00
Maximum: $960,000
To see the full survey results, click here.


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