What is Pixendr?

pixendr_agenciesPixendr is the perfect app for iOS and Android for stock photographers. If you like taking pictures with your smartphone and you also submit images to multiple microstock agencies, Pixendr is a must have! In this app you can save login credentials to major stock platforms, you can select pictures from camera roll, add a title, description and keywords and upload via ftp in your own accounts. To make it easier for you we built a keyword suggestion tool.
Pixendr app is free and will always stay like that (ads supported).

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Agencies supported in Pixendr app

Here is the list of microstock agencies where Pixendr app can upload to. If you don't have already an account to these agencies, it is time to do so. You can create accounts also using links from Pixendr app.

The best seller for most of photographers. Now is even easier to get accepted.
If you really want to sell pictures, Fotolia should not be missed.
One of the top 5 earners and a must have!
An interesting agency with easy submission workflow
You can bulk process images after upload! Easy to manage.
Bulk editing after upload, nice sales!
A very active and nice to upload agency.
Bulk editing after upload.
Zero effort upload. Just add it to Pixendr and upload. That's all!

Pixendr for agencies

Get listed in Pixendr!
Is your platform accepting submissions via ftp? Then you're good to go. Get listed in Pixendr app and start receiving mobile content right now.
Is quick and easy.

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Have your own app!
Is now easy to have your own contributors app using Pixendr White Labels solution! Get our generic app with your branding on it and start receiving exclusive content today!

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Why Pixendr?

Is Pixendr app for you? Here are our reasons to use it.
Easy to use
Secured data
Incredibly Fast
Smart suggestions
Save Bandwidth