What is Pixendr?

What is Pixendr?

Pixendr is the mobile solution for microstock agencies on the contributor side. We don’t simply empower users to upload images, we make the upload a pleasant and an addictive activity. The question is: “Can you handle a waterfall of images? Are you reviewers ready to take the new challenges?”
No more developer costs, no more bad design, no more abandoned apps! Jump in and join the revolution in stock photography and see how can artificial intelligence work for people. And let your contributors thank you.

Here are the major features of the app, fully customizable for your platform:


Navigation easy

An intuitive navigation system allows you to add as many features as you like in your perfect customized app.


Intelligence at work

Upload was never easier for web based microstock agencies. Due to picture recognition technologies automatic keywording, automatic description, face detection, and category selection will make life easier to your contributors.

An easy upload means more pictures. Compared to other microstock agencies that have a mobile app, this workflow is one of the fastest. Your photographers will appreciate you for that!

Our goal: ZERO TYPING!


New users in seconds

Since the very beginning, the app should be easy to use. Providing one button for login and/or signup makes the account creation an effortless task.

Your photographers should focus on taking pictures not on filling forms.

Of course, for traditional ones, there is still the e-mail option.


 Prevent duplicates

This screen provides an easy way to view already submitted images for the logged in account. It also has the function to prevent duplicate submissions.



There is more to discover!

Earnings screen provides accurate information about paid/unpaid amounts, recent sales or latest sold images.

Request payment with a single tap. Request button can be active only when specific criteria are met.

Multiple selections of images from gallery or adding images directly from camera

Do you need a specific feature? We’ll build it for you!



  • prevent upload of images lower than a specific size; you decide the minimum size;
  • custom tailored color scheme according to your brand and visual identity guidelines;
  • for face detection, users can be asked if they have permission to sell the image;
  • batch selection of images; you can define a maximum;
  • intro carousel for a short initial training of users;
  • provide feedback via e-mail;
  • metrics powered by fabric.io allow you to understand your users
  • change password, recover lost password, edit profile information
  • smart notifications for user retention

Looking good? This was yesterday! What's new is yet to come. Get in contact!

You think an app is not for you?

Well then, read this!

We analyze with honesty the pros and cons of having an app.
Do you have more doubts or questions? We would love to hear about them.

Check for yourself

Study case on prices

We made a comparative analysis regarding costs for three options: build the app in house and hire own personnel, build the app with freelancers and use the Pixendr solution

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Why Pixendr?

Is Pixendr the right solution for your agency? Here are our reasons to try us.
Easy to use
Control development costs
Artificial intelligence minimize work
Exclusive content
Boost uploads